Little Known Factors that Can Affect Whether You Save Money on Electricity

If you’re interested in saving money on electricity but loathe the idea of updating your home’s insulation or replacing your older appliances, there are a number of factors that could affect your total savings you may not be considering. Your electric bill is the product of hundreds of different variables, and these little-known factors have a bigger impact than you might think:

  1. The Humidity. The humidity of your home could have a major impact on how warm or cool you feel, prompting you to adjust the thermostat when it might not be necessary. Use a humidifier or a dehumidifier to condition the atmosphere in your home to a more comfortable level without driving your heating and cooling costs upward.
  2. Water Heater Settings. Most water heaters are set to 140 degrees by default, but you won’t feel much of a difference if you set it back to 120 degrees. It’s a small change that can save you money month after month.
  3. Window Blinds. Are you using your window blinds to your advantage? Keep them closed in summer to reflect heat outward and keep them open in winter to let more natural light and heat in, reducing your need for thermal control.
  4. Ceiling Fans. Ceiling fans are much cheaper than a furnace or an air conditioner. Use ceiling fans strategically to circulate air throughout your home and help yourself feel more comfortable in extreme temperature months.

Keep these factors in mind when you’re making a plan to save money on electricity. It may not seem like small changes will have an impact on your electric bill, but over time you could save some serious cash. For more energy saving tips and news, stay with Star Energy Partners!