Commuting Solutions to Save Energy

Saving energy is a wise decision, both fiscally and environmentally. You can start with small changes, such as upgrading your appliances and light fixtures to use electricity more efficiently, and work your way up to bigger lifestyle changes should you find the benefits of energy efficiency sufficiently rewarding. One of the easier more impactful lifestyle changes that many of us can make is to change how we get from point A to point B.

Like most people, you probably commute somewhere on a daily basis, whether you travel to work, school, or some other destination. Changing your commuting habits could reduce your fuel consumption  to put more spending money in your pocket.

Consider these major strategies to save energy as a regular commuter:

  • Carpool. While not the most attractive option for workers accustomed to the flexibility of driving themselves, carpooling with your coworkers can cut your monthly gas expenditure. Explore carpooling with your co-workers and others with similar schedules who work at locations in close proximity to your place of employment or school location and consider driving together whenever possible.
  • Seek alternative travel. Take advantage of your city’s public transportation system. It will usually offer convenient and frequent transportation schedules with park-n-ride facilities to make is a no hassle, less costly experience.
  • Avoid rush hour. If your employer allows you to take advantage of a flex-time program, consider leaving for work and from work early or late. That way, you can avoid the irritating stop-and-go traffic of rush hour and improve your fuel efficiency.
  • Plan Your Errands. When running errands, plan a route that hits all your destinations in the most efficient way possible rather than going out for one task at a time. It will save you time as well as energy.

Put these strategies for energy efficiency to good use in your daily routine and lower the cost of energy in your life.